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Software Developer


This is a visual showcase of some of the work I've done. Most of my code is up on Github (some is in private repos per client request). I strive to adhere to web accessibility standards, as set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Gray-on-gray low-contrast text is in fashion right now and while aesthetically it can look nice, I'm more invested in making apps that are truly accessible for all users.


Program Creator

Freelance work

choosing to edit an existing program
editing a program, where some talks have been dragged and dropped into time slots

After working for the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) for several months, I noticed how complicated the process for constructing conference schedules was. I pitched the idea of building a conference program creator to streamline the process for conference organizers.

I created the color palette for this project, then began to code. I knew the tool needed to connect to several internal databases and I wanted to work with a language I already knew. I found the excellent Dragula framework, which made the drag-and-drop interface I'd envisioned for this project possible.

The user submits a list of accepted papers in JSON format (in IACR's case, this list is derived from websubrev) and the dates for the conference. Users can save and return to edit a schedule later, or start from a basic template. Program Creator then displays the schedule for the given dates, along with the list of papers at left. The user can drag and drop papers into time slots. There are pop-up warnings that appear when there are too many papers in a time slot. Users can also add additional papers, time slots, or days to the schedule. The output is either a JSON file of the schedule for use in the program template I built or an HTML version of the schedule.

Other technologies used include Bootstrap 3, jQuery, the jQuery date range picker plugin, time picker plugin, and the JavaScript plugin datepair. In addition to building the tool, I also wrote docs and instructions on how to use it. Because it's in active use where it's currently deployed, I'm not providing a link. You can check out the code on Github, or email me to talk more about the current version.

See the code on Github

Conference Website Template

Freelance work

mobile conference website template home page
mobile view of the hamburger menu expanded
mobile view of the conference program schedule, including display of conference name once page is scrolled down past header

IACR commissioned me to build a mobile-friendly website template for conferences that organizers could easily clone and reuse. IACR was primarily interested in making their conference site mobile-accessible, maintainable, and easy for conference organizers to edit.

Features include responsive menus and a mobile friendly design using Bootstrap 3.3. Additional touches include display of conference name after scrolling past the header when in mobile view, countdown timers for deadlines, and a conference schedule that is output from the program creator (see above). I created a color palette for the site based on IACR's logo, with shades of orange and green that complement the deep indigo of their logo. I've deployed a demo instance of the template.

I also wrote documentation to help conference organizers with editing of the template and installation on the IACR servers. The template has since been used by several conference organizers. One of these instances is Asiacrypt 2017. Feedback from organizers is welcomed and encouraged, to improve the template for future users.

See the code on Github

Farcaster Consulting Group

Freelance work

Farcaster Films website, which features a large photo of a camera on a desert road and a dark menu with pale text across the top
website for Farcaster Consulting Group, which features a menu across the top and a photograph of a solar eclipse

Farcaster Consulting Group commissioned me for three websites. One for the film company, Farcaster Films, which has co-produced two films; one for Farcaster Consulting Group, which offers cryptography and computer security services; and a personal webpage. The third is still in progress, but the first two have been deployed at the links above. I developed a custom color palette and was then given full rein to create minimalist, easy-to-edit designs.


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